With Style and a Little Grace: September 2013

Hey There Monday + Happy Birthday to my Husband

It's Monday again! We had a great weekend. We did some birthday shopping for Henry on Saturday and purchased something that he has been eyeing for a long time. On Sunday we had a lunch date with some good friends and went to a matinee. We saw Prisoners and let me tell y'all that movie is 3 hours of super intense, chair gripping, action. It took us like an hour after the movie to wind down. It's really good go see it!

I am kind of obsessed with this sweater that everyone is talking about. It would be a great fall basic!

What did y'all think of Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and Betrayal last night? Revenge looks great as usual, I think I am almost over OUAT, and Betrayal is still in my DVR along with Homeland but I heard it was great as usual.So many shows to watch it's madness.... I love it! 

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Husband! I am beyond lucky to have you in my life! I hope you have a wonderful day! 



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Happy Friday friends! I can't believe it is the last weekend in September already! Where has the month gone? We have been so busy around here with work so we are going to finally slow down this weekend and get to spend a little quality time together. Henry's birthday is on Monday so we are going to do a little Birthday celebrating over the weekend, watch some football, and do some shopping for mums and pumpkins. It is so nice to have free weekends back after the crazy summer that we had. Hope everyone has a great one!


 Currently Interesting 

I am really upset the Khloe and Lamar aren't looking too good. I really thought they were going to be a long lasting couple.

I'm really excited about the new show on E Eric and Jessie which is a little embarrassing! 

Homeland starts back sunday and several of my other faves! Can't wait!

Currently Craving

This adorable jacket from ASOS

Pumpkin pie blondies... I mean the name says it all! 
This is the perfect Fall weekend outfit!

And this one too! 

These quotes! 


Pumpkin Everything

As of right now it is still 86 degrees here in Mobile but the temp is slowly going down and I have been purchasing a few of my pumpkin favorites. Pumpkin is my go to scent, food, everything in the Fall and I know I am not the only one with the pumpkin obsession. Here are a few of my favorites that I purchase like clock work once the leaves begin to change.
Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice  k-cups for my Keurig. I love the pumpkin spice latte but this is a little more wallet/calorie friendly. They are so good!!

Spiced Pumpkin Yankee Candle. All the Yankee candles smell amazing. I don't always love the way the jars look but they smell great!! 

Currently at the Johnston house we are enjoying this delicious Harvest pumpkin ale and this candle I found at Fresh market that smells AMAZING! 


Slutty Brownies

I made these naughty treats this past weekend for game day and they are the easiest and most delicious treat! I went with the boxed version below but if you are feeling like getting serious with your baking you can always make them from scratch! 

Slutty Brownies
Chocolate chip cookie dough mix
fudge brownie mix
vegetable oil

 You will make them according to the directions. Layer the chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreos ( double stuff if you want a little extra) and fudge brownies on top. Bake at 375 for 30 mins. Let them cool and then devour them all with a large glass of milk

Mine were a little too gooey so I would try to use a large pan so it cooks all the way through!


My Best Dressed at the 2013 Emmys

Happy Monday everybody! Did y'all have a good weekend? We finally got a little Fall weather and I got really excited and broke out my boots and sweaters. I did some serious cleaning and finished just in time to watch the Emmys. I absolutely love Neil Patrick Harris and thought he did a great job again! If there is singing and dancing you can count this girl in.
My Best Dressed
Kerry Washington has easily become my new favorite stylish star! It might be because I just finished the second season of Scandal over the weekend. But she is gorgeous and I think this dress is fun and fabulous! The details are insane.

Alison Williams. The simplicity of this Ralph Lauren dress is perfection. Love the gold cuffs and the simple hair with it too! Can't wait for Girls to be back on!

Taylor Schilling. Do y'all watch orange is the new black? I have heard rave reviews and am thinking I need to watch it next! This is so simple and gorgeous!  I love the halter neck and the slit in the middle to spice it up a little bit! Great shoes too.

Claire Danes. This is not the best shot of her in this dress but the detailing was gorgeous on the tv. I am obsessed with these nude/pink dressed with embellishments.
Rose Byrne. Simple, elegant, and with a little mid-riff. GORG! I LOVE IT! I do think I like her hair a little darker but really this is perfection.
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Also, did y'all witness the adorable friendship between Lena Dunham and Claire Danes last night?

 It was absolutely adorable and makes me want to hang out with them!

Here's to a great week!

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday Friends! Hope everyone is off to enjoy some fun plans! It is supposed to rain here so I am planning on doing a little organizing and some football watching! I have plans to make this recipe and will let y'all know if it is as delicious as everyone says it is.


Currently Craving

Tech Accessories: My Tory Burch iphone case has been dropped one too many times and I am currently in need of a new one

Bonjour is the most adorable case ever. But I don't have a 5 yet :( Someone needs this!

Who can resist this face? It looks like my Charlie monster.

Cozy Knits - because we are all ready for cooler weather!
Elbow patch sweater from JCrew

Nude Heels- They go with everything!

Michael Antonio - only $45


Dark nail polish

Marc Jacobs gorgeous green


Hoping that soon it will be a little bit cooler... pretty pretty please! 

Autumn Chopped Salad

I have had this recipe pinned for over a year now and as I was looking for recipes to make last night it was exactly what I wanted. Do you ever just crave a great salad? I could eat them all the time but my husband is a little bit more meat and potatoes. He actually really enjoyed this one though and I have enough left to eat it for lunch the rest of the week. Enjoy!

Autumn Chopped Salad

1 bag chopped romaine lettuce
2 medium pears, chopped
1 cup dried cranberries
1 cup chopped pecans
4 slices thick cut bacon cooked and crumbled
5 oz. crumbled feta cheese
Poppy seed dressing ( I got the light option in both to lower calories)
Balsamic dressing

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Drizzle with balsamic and poppy seed. I used mainly poppy seed with a splash of balsamic. 
Serve and Enjoy!


Face Creams

I just ran out of my nightly face cream and I am currently searching for a new one. I want something that helps with wrinkles ( small ones on my forehead and around my mouth) , and helps with dark spots. I don't know about y'all but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed walking into Ulta and Sephora. Don't get me wrong - I absolutely LOVE shopping there, but I end up with all the wrong things that I did not come in to purchase. I will have like 20 lip glosses because the 5 million face creams stressed me out. So I am currently looking for something great to start using in a reasonable price range.

Currently looking into:

I have used the day version of this and loved it.


This is specific to dry skin so it might not be for me but it does say it helps build collagen and firm skin.

This looks like a hydrating treatment to repair skin as you sleep.

This is the cream I have been using and I love it. The only issue is that I am not really seeing improvement in my fine lines. 

There are just so many options.


Weekend Round-up

Happy Monday everyone! I spent the weekend trying to get over a little cold. So that means that I spent it watching a lot of television.

I am so excited about the new fall tv lineup. I heard from a lot of people that Scandal is great so I got the first season from the library and watched the whole thing this weekend. It is so so good! Just started the second season on hulu. Highly recommend.

I made a trip Friday to Fresh Market and picked up several new items that ya'll really need to try. 

Talenti Gelato. I have heard from numerous people that it is delish and it exceeded my expectations. The caramel cookie crunch was my absolute favorite and I tried the peanut butter chocolate but it was a little too much peanut butter for my taste. 

Meyers lemon verbena hand soap. It smells amazing! 

Pop chips. These all natural chips are so delicious. The salt and vinegar are my absolute fave. They are only 120 calories for a serving.

I also made a trip by Target to check out the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection and picked up this gem. There are some cute things and I am still contemplating the bags.

Happy Monday,

Friday the 13th!!!!

Happy Friday Friends! I love a good superstitious day like Friday the 13th! Give me a good Jason movie, a glass of wine and some popcorn.... that my friends is a great Friday night! They are running some great 80s classics all day on SYFY if you want a nice little laugh!

Happy Weekending!

Falling for Fall - Fall Bucket List

Falling for Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year, as you can tell by the obscene amount of posts I do on the topic. It is harder to get into the spirit when it is 90 + degrees out. Every year I have started doing a list of things I plan to accomplish during my favorite season! This year is no exception,  It really is a great way to get yourself in the fall mindset. Check out my fall to - do list from last year for even more inspiration. 

Fall To-Do List 

1. Go to an Alabama Football Game

2. Make Brunswick stew

3. Make s'more brownies

4. Go pumpkin picking

5. Make apple cider

6. Organize my pictures into albums

7. Start playing tennis again

8. Host a pumpkin carving party

9. Buy mums and decorate the front porch

10. Go to a fall carnival


New York Fashion Week Street Style

Fashion week brings out some the most interesting and inspiring looks. A few more of my favorites!

 All images via Harpers Bazaar and Style.com

I just love the street style! It gets me so excited for the coming season!