With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

The first weekend of August was so hot and it is only getting hotter here in Mobile! Henry and I enjoyed another relaxing weekend that included pizza, ice-cream and a trip to the farmers market! It is so nice to have no plans set in stone....for the first time in months we can just relax as a married couple. 

I finally had time to get my name change process started on Friday. Waited for around 2.5 hours.... it was not a whole lot of fun! 

Did a little coffee table styling with my new artichoke. I am getting couch covers this week and have a few more things coming in the mail to update our living room.

Saturday trip to the farmers market.

I have been doing a lot of reading in my free time. I am almost through the first Game of Thrones book and it is so so good! I can't put it down!  I would highly recommend if you haven't started this series to pick it up!

Saturday night pizza night

New shower curtain arrived and I love it! 

What relaxing weekend is complete without a .50 cone from Burger King! Thats a lot of ice cream for 50 cents!

BTW Did ya'll catch True Blood last night? It is getting crazy on that show! You think Sookie is going to become a fairy vampire thing? 

Happy Monday!

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