With Style and a Little Grace: Thursday Ramblings

Thursday Ramblings

It's almost the long weekend friends! I am so excited because we are off tomorrow to the river to enjoy the end of summer on the water. It is also the first Alabama football game on Saturday ( ROLL TIDE!!) We are planning some boat time, I am going to finish several books, do some game day watching and relax. I can't wait!

On to my ramblings,

Pretty Little Liars

Did y'all catch the summer finale of PLL Tuesday night? I LOVE LOVE this show and I can't BELIEVE that EzrA is A.... He can't be right??? I thought they made it extra creepsterish in this episode too. I read the books and the show is so opposite of everything that happened in the books. I also think this season has gotten really wacky. I feel like the plot is all over the place but I still can't wait for the Halloween episode. Also what are your thoughts about their intro to Ravenswood? Is Caleb going to leave PLL? Can you tell I might be a little over invested in the show.. Judge free zone

I am super confused on what this is going to be about? But I know I will watch. 

Shopbop is having a sale and I have Birthday money burning a hole in my pocket... items I am currently watching



Such cute stuff check it out! I have also been perusing all the other clothing sale sites. Do ya'll ever take forever trying to decide what you really need to add to your wardrobe.... what is the best investment? I have this problem all the time and always end up buying a bunch a less expensive stuff when I should really just save for an investment piece. I am working on it! 

Currently lusting over these houses....

Happy Thursday! Its almost the long weekend!

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