With Style and a Little Grace: It's my Birthday {Plus Taylor and Miley at the VMAs}

It's my Birthday {Plus Taylor and Miley at the VMAs}

Today is my Birthday friends! I hope y'all had an amazing weekend. We went to a party on the water Saturday, mass on Sunday, birthday lunch with my in-laws, and shopping with the hubs. It was such a great weekend topped off with Starbucks, pizza, and the VMAs, which was a massive cluster of craziness.... which obviously means I loved it.... did y'all see Miley?? Henry didn't make it past the dancing teddy bears :) I told him this was a judge free zone and he promptly reminded me how old I would be turning today! 

I can't even
Oh girl it was bad! But so good! Also Taylor Swift was caught in the ultimate fan girl moment but seriously who can blame her he was AMAZING last night really the only reason I watched. Oh Tay Tay she kind of looks like an alien here.

Plus this reunion had me clapping and screaming at my TV like I was 12 years old again! 


 Since today is my Birthday I am going out for lunch and then dinner with my lovely husband. I plan on indulging in all sorts of delicious food today. If I could do absolutely anything for my birthday I would go somewhere that looked like this


And wear this dress to dinner with my hubs on our own deserted island

Happy Monday!

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