With Style and a Little Grace: Stepping up my hair game!

Stepping up my hair game!

Ok ladies I have been doing my research on products to step up my hair game. I am aware that I am going to have to break out my wallet because I need several products to make this change happen. First and foremost I am going to need a new curling iron. Currently I have two one Revlon and one Conair that are both 1.5 inch barrels. All of my research is showing that I need a 1 inch barrel. So the leading contenders are as follows.

This Hot Tools Professional Spring curling iron was voted best of 2013 and it is only $40

The  Bombshell has 5 stars on Sephora but it is a little pricey!

For Products I learned that this leave in conditioner is perfect to use after you wash your hair.

And before I start to curl my hair use an oil treatment on my ends to help tame flyaways. My top two are here and here

The last step is to change my hairspray! I think I am going to make the switch to Big Sexy Hair. I am currently using Aussie and it has no hold at all. I do not recommend it! 

So I am going to try to get as many of these hair components as I can and try them out this weekend! I will let ya'll know how it goes! Any hair care suggestions are totally appreciated!

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