With Style and a Little Grace: Let's talk hair + Girl Crush Lauren Conrad

Let's talk hair + Girl Crush Lauren Conrad

Hi Friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Our's was spent at home watching movies, reading, and enjoying not having anywhere to be! I mean we really didn't do much at all and it was so great! I did catch up on some thank you notes which was much needed! I have known for a long time that I am not good at styling my hair when it is worn down. I am pretty good at up-dos, but now that I have finally grown it out I want to be able to do the pretty tousled wave that people pull off on a daily basis and I have tried and tried but it is just not working! I spent an hour over the weekend and within 5 minutes outside all my work was gone and I was left with sad stringy hair.  I have decided that my curling iron is crap, my hairspray is cheap, and I need to do a little beauty re-con to get some new styling products to make my mane look like this

 Lauren Conrad has the best waves!

And not this

I know that this is going to be a bit of a feat considering my mother curled my hair until high school but I am 28 and I want to be able to make my hair look great on a daily basis! Any suggestions on products would be great! I will be back tomorrow with a list of things I might purchase for the great hair trial! 

I also might be getting this book because the Hills reruns have made me realize how much I like Lauren Conrad and maybe she can help my hair! 


Suggestions? Wedding Pics Part 2 on Wednesday

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