With Style and a Little Grace: 4th of July Weekend

4th of July Weekend

I'm back to the weekly grind after a great holiday weekend! I hope ya'll are getting back into your normal routines. We had such a great time over the weekend despite all the rain that we received! I got a lot of sun on Thursday and the rest of the weekend was spent indoors reading, movie watching, and eating lots of food.

We started the long weekend out right with a date night at our favorite sushi restaurant. I over ate as usual!

My favorite spot on my in-laws pier where I parked it on the only sunny day that we had! 

My husband is addicted to Arnold Palmers and he always buys the canned version. I decided to try out the homemade version and it was delicious! So refreshing and just what you want after a day in the hot sun! 

Charlie monster had so much fun and stayed in the water all weekend

My husband commanding the party barge

Mel and I enjoying the sun

We watched Lincoln the last night we were at the river. Henry and I have both been wanting to see it. I don't know about y'all but I felt like this thing dragged the whole way. The acting is great don't get me wrong but I was struggling to pay attention! 

Happy Monday!

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