With Style and a Little Grace: 50 DAYS Megapost

50 DAYS Megapost

Happy Friday darlings! As I type this post on my friday off I am sipping my coffee, watching the Today show, and listening to it rain outside. I could not be more content in this little morning slice of heaven. No running out the door, no wedding stress.... a little relaxation goes a long way. 

Having the past two days off I have managed to recharge my batteries and get ready for the next 50 days until our Wedding is finally here. After today this train is full steam ahead until we are laying on a beach at our honeymoon. 50 days y'all! I can't believe it is almost here but I am sooo ready for it to be. A little update to our life lately!

Had my hair darkened in March and have since decided that I hate it so I will be making a hair appointment soon

Got this Handsome guy all fitted for his tuxedo!!! 

 So enjoyed our first engagement party in my hometown!

 Went to a dear family friends wedding my hometown and it was gorgeous!!

 Got to play with my lady loves!!

We did our confirmation into the Catholic church at the Easter vigil service and it was beautiful! 

 Easter Sunday

Impromptu Charlie monster photo sesh while we burn up the road! 

We have been burning up the road my friends! Headed to Birmingham tomorrow for our Home and Garden party! Should be so much fun! We booked our Honeymoon (FINALLY) and we are going to drumroll please......

St. Lucia!!!! I could not be happier and I am so ready to go! Yayyyy!!! I have currently been doing some Honeymoon/Wedding shopping my recent purchases include

This adorable lace mini from JCrew

And this cute cami that I think can be dressed up or dressed down! 

Have a wonderful weekend loves! With everything that has happened this week and is still going on in Boston this quote has been on my heart!

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