With Style and a Little Grace: Daylight Savings Sucks... Happy Monday

Daylight Savings Sucks... Happy Monday

Happy Monday Friends! I am so tired and have a major case of the Mondays. We had such a great weekend celebrating our friends nuptials. In t-5 days we will be in route to my hometown for our first engagement party! I am so excited to see all my friendlies! Until then, I will be trying to catch some z's because this whole time change/weekend of partying has kicked my booty!

Rehearsal Dinner

Azaleas in full bloom in my backyard

Wedding with my love * It will be us in 89 days and counting!! 

Shoes came off at the end of the night! 

Too much fun! 


  1. I'm with you! This Monday sucked and I'm even more tired today! So excited you are getting married so soon :-) Azaleas are one of my favorite flowers/plants to plant, so I know you have good taste :-)


    1. Thanks Mia! I just checked out your blog! Love it!!