With Style and a Little Grace: RESOLUTIONS


In 2013 I resolve to:

keep up my healthy lifestyle and get into the best shape of my life before our wedding

take a month and not spend any money frivolously (doing in january)

read all the books on my reading list

save more money and invest in our future

keep up this blog on a weekly basis it has become such a wonderful creative outlet for me

keep going to church on a weekly basis

be more productive at work and manage time more wisely

this year is going to be crazy I am in 4 weddings ( one is my own) and I have a total of 9 weddings ( and counting) coming up!! In the midst of the madness I want to enjoy every moment because this is going to be a momentous year and I want to look back and really know that I savored it all with my family and friends! 

Take time and enjoy the little moments

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