With Style and a Little Grace: Golden Globes Fashion Favorites

Golden Globes Fashion Favorites

Hi Ladies, Hope everyone had a great weekend! I did a lot of relaxing/ doing my guest list (which, in my opinion is the hardest part of planning a wedding), got back on the work-out train, and watched the globes! I thought it was a great start to awards season, which is one of my favorites and I think people really turned it out. I don't think there were as many fashion mistakes as usual.... anyone else feel that way? My top favorites

I thought Jennifer Garner looked Ahmazing and she and Ben were so adorable all night!

She for real had a baby a month ago..... how is that even legal?? She legit looks so much like one of my best girlfriends its crazy ( shout out fritt )! She is adorable and seems so blissfully happy right now. Good for you Claire!! 

JLaw looks amazing and she kept saying all night that she has the flu. I'm not looking this great when infected with the flu I can tell you that much! I like her and can't wait to watch Silver Linings playbook. 

I heart Amanda Seyfried and love this neutral sheer look on her. 

Amy Adams looked very ballerina esque. Its so soft and feminine. 

Classic & sophisticated

I thought Kate Hudson looked GORGEOUS. I don't know how I feel about the neckline on this dress but part of me LOVES IT. 

Cutest couple of the night goes to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. They are ADORABLE!! 

What were some of your favorite looks?

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