With Style and a Little Grace: Daily Beauty Routine

Daily Beauty Routine

Hi Lady loves! Hope your Thursday is going smoothly as we are t-minus two days to the weekend!  Trying to combat this harsh winter weather has done a number on my skin - who am I kidding I live in Mobile, Alabama.... but 40 is cold here.. we are southerners don't judge. So I thought today I would put together my daily/nightly skin beauty regimen that has been helping me keep my skin a little less dry.

To get my makeup off at night or during the day I use Olay wet cleansing cloths. These are my absolute favorite to wipe off the day. I highly recommend.

I have been using Aveeno Positively Radiant facewash for about a month now and I am loving the way my skin feels after. It also adds brightness to my skin tone in the morning. 

Once a month I usually use  St. Ives Clear Apricot Scrub on my face and body. I have upped that to once every two weeks because it really helps keep my skin soft and not as dry.

For a daily moisturizer I use Aveeno ultra calming. You really can't go wrong with Aveeno products and I have found recently that they are great quality. It keeps my skin soft and not too greasy. 

At night I use Olay Age Defying night cream. I have been using this cream for almost two years and I love the way it instantly hydrates my skin. I don't see that much of a result on fine lines so I am looking for something a little stronger if anyone has any suggestions. 

I also started using Ambi Fade Cream for some dark spots on my face. It has really helped to lighten them up. I also use it on any scars. I have seen a huge difference. 

Once or twice a month I use Queen Helene Mint Julep mask. I have been using this mask since middle school. It is my favorite mask and really softens your skin and helps with blackheads. 

A new item I have added to my regimen is Vaseline cocoa butter I like the smell of the cocoa butter better than original. I have been coating this over my night lotion. Now I probably would not recommend this if you break out easily or have sensitive skin. But I have noticed a huge difference in the feel of my skin. 

And that is that
As you can see I love trying out different products!

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