With Style and a Little Grace: When the weather outside is frightful plus my confessions

When the weather outside is frightful plus my confessions

Well today did not start out on the fun side... I was awakened this morning at 4 am to my weather service alarm and have not gotten to go back to sleep since! Twisters in Mobile guys..... I don't I repeat DON'T like the twisters!! Thankfully we are ok... lacking sleep but still ok! I can't wait until tomorrow and I have some time to get all my Christmas gifts wrapped, go to Holiday parties, and just enjoy Christmas. Thought I would confess to y'all some things going on around here.

Here are my confessions:

That ever since we took our engagement pictures I have been on a food spiral of shame eating all Holiday/fattening food in my wake. I can't stop... I need help!!

That my DVR is so backed up because every night I come home and watch whatever Christmas movie is on ABC family until I fall asleep.

I have started having dreams about my wedding and I get there on that day and things aren't finished and I freak out :)

I haven't been to the gym in a week

My house is a huge mess and there is dog hair everywhere ( I didn't even make my bed today.... if you know me this is a big deal)

I ate 5 ritz peanut butter crackers dipped in chocolate yesterday.....

I have to finish all my Holiday shopping this weekend and this is what it is going to be like.
All gifs via Whatshouldwecallmetumblr


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