With Style and a Little Grace: It's December y'all!

It's December y'all!

Only 22 days left until Christmas ladies! Hope everyone got a jump start on the holiday season this weekend! I love this time of year. Henry and I got our tree ( late this year because of the Alabama game last weekend), started our decorating, and I got a jumpstart on my Christmas shopping. All in all it was a very productive weekend! We also watched the tide roll over Georgia on saturday and let me just give a big ROLL TIDE!!! We are going to the ship!!  OK thats it on the football front! I thought I would continue my little tradition and do a list of things I hope to accomplish during Christmas.


Finish all my books in time to get the new ones on my list for the holidays

Have all my Christmas shopping finished by the 20th so I have time to relax and enjoy the holiday

Keep up my gym regimen through the holidays

Get engagement pictures taken on the 11th

Enjoy our family trip to Virginia

Have egg nog, apple cider, and all other seasonal treats

Make a pecan pie

Finalize our wedding guest list and pick out save the dates

Pick our caterer

Have a manicure/pedicure

Here are some pictures from our weekend 

My last (hopefully) food tasting! I must pick a caterer this week!! I think my pants will thank me. By the way does anyone else feel overwhelmed with choices when picking things like this for your wedding? Like the minute you pick it your stuck with it? Can't change your mind....I think thats my issue.

Enjoyed delicious spiked eggnog with a fire on friday night while watching Men in Black ( the new one was awesome)!!

Picking out our Christmas tree. It was a balmy 73 :(

Mulling spices smelled amazeballs

Beginning of our Christmas tree. Finished product coming soon!

Happy Monday 

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