With Style and a Little Grace: Thanksgiving


I'm back ladies. Please excuse my absence because I was really trying to pack the festive fun in full force during the turkey day break! I had such a wonderful time with my family and friends the entire holiday!

Tuesday night I made white chocolate covered pretzels for Henry and my work family. This was my first attempt and they actually turned out quite delicious. It is a little hard to get them fully covered.

Wednesday I worked half a day and then I was off to enjoy the time with my mom who came in to town for the holiday. We did a little shopping and stopped to look at some veils at a great bridal boutique in Mobile called Something New. We had a late lunch and then home to do some cooking! 

I decided on the apple pie recipe for my dessert and oh my goodness ya'll it was delicious! I am also very proud of how it looked when it was finished. My best pie to date!!

My mom helped me with this part! So festive!!

My handsome boys watching the Thanksgiving day parade!

Our attempt at Thanksgiving pictures. Practice round for engagement pics. Henry was really excited!

Friday Henry and I said goodbye to all the family and headed to Tuscaloosa to spend the weekend celebrating my best friends engagement and watching the tide literally stomp Auburn. It was such a wonderful weekend spent with friends. Friday night we headed home early from the party and had Hank's favorite food in Tuscaloosa Taco Casa! Needless to say I am on a cleanse this week from all the food!

Watching the tide roll!

Such a fun time in Tuscaloosa!

Sunday we headed to our hunting camp for my first day of hunting........

Then this happened..... haha I actually had a really great time! I will probably be going back plus Henry got me the boots on black friday :)!

As you can see things have been a little crazy around here but in a great way! I will finally have some downtime this weekend and plan on finishing up our Christmas decorations. We have engagement pictures tomorrow but It is looking like they are getting rained out! Do a rain dance for me!! 

Happy Monday

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