With Style and a Little Grace: Sunday Book Club

Sunday Book Club

Books that I am currently reading and would seriously recommend:

I am currently on the third book  in this series - The Sorceress. This is a great series. I am not finished yet, but I have enjoyed all of the books so far! There are 6 books in the series. If you are at all interested in fantasy and a world where Nicholas Flamel is immortal and creatures only found in myth roam free this is a book for you!

My Aunt recently gave me this book and she said it was a great read to find out what you and your partners love language is. The more you learn about how you each express love the better you can show each other! It also helps to learn the love languages of children. How we express ourselves is important and especially to know what expressions are most important to your loved ones! I am a gift giver! 

What are you currently reading? 

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