With Style and a Little Grace: Rain Delay

Rain Delay

Sadly my engagement pictures were delayed today due to rain! They have been put on hold for about a week. Although I am sad that they were postponed I must say it does help me to get a few things together before them, since I was so busy during the holidays! Mainly I would like to get rid of the bloated feeling, assemble some outfits, and maybe get my nails done! So not the worst thing to happen but it does put us on a time crunch to get out our Save the Dates!

On another note maybe this adorable top I ordered will make it in time for the pics!


Entertainment news: I watched Liz and Dick today and it was just as terrible as everyone said it was but the gifs alone are HILARIOUS! I would totally watch it again! hehe I'm such a sucker

And drum roll please ...... Girl meets World is in the works for Disney channel! I know I am a huge nerd and it makes me feel super old that they will now be the parents on the show but I'm kinda super excited!! 

I could watch these all day!! 

In blog news, I am going to return to normal posting with better content this week and on into the holiday season! I swear! Bear with me! 

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