With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Back to the daily grind on Monday ladies! I am feeling pretty tired and a little under the weather after the weekend of fun we had. We rang in Henry's 32nd year in style attending a great football game ( Roll Tide), and spending time with great friends (that we don't see enough)! Here are some pics to sum up the weekend:

Friday night Henry did some football coaching

Friday afternoon I drove the monster to the river to stay with his dog cousins for the weekend while we went to Tuscaloosa. He was so excited to ride and stuck his head out the window in the rain the whole time.... I was getting soaked but he looked like he was having so much fun! (Spoiled rotten).

I got really excited about October via Pinterest on Friday and decided to make some seriously tasty treats to take to the tailgate on Saturday. I decided on Pretzel M&M Cookies and Trick or Treat Salted Nut bars. The nut bars were the definite favorite and will curb your sweet tooth for about a week after one! The cookies were good, but I think they might have been better without the pretzels.

I thought this turned out really cute and made me excited about Halloween! Seriously though y'all - it will make your teeth hurt its so sweet.

Had so much fun tailgating with my girlfriends.  Not the best shot of toilets in the background! 

Got to spend some quality time with my brother! He just recently moved to Nashville
so I miss getting to see him!!

Had some nectar of the Gods in the form of a yellow hammer at Gallettes!

Celebrated Henry's actual Birthday on Sunday with his parents at our favorite sushi/hibachi place in Tuscaloosa - Hokkaido.

Gave him his first Birthday gift of the day ... me driving him home while he slept. He had lots of fun for his  Bday! 

Made a pit stop at DQ on our way home. My rule with Dairy Queen is that if you find one homage must  be paid.... and pay it we did in the form of chili fries and ice cream. It was a definite cheat day and I enjoyed every minute!

Henry's Birthday gift wrapped up in some fun vintage paper of guys playing sports (I thought it was festive).

It was such a fun weekend and I can't wait to see everyone again soon! By the way ladies its October 1st and I couldn't let it go by without saying anything because this is one of my absolute FAVORITE months. I went to Target today and wanted to buy every single adorable Halloween decoration in there, but I refrained because I have a huge box of decor I will be pulling out tomorrow. So I will just leave you with this little tidbit because ABC family plays all month long at my house during the Holidays!! 

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