With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Update

Weekend Update

My weekend was spent on the water resting, reading my book, and watching some Halloween movies on ABC family. It was a great relaxing weekend with a delicious food tasting to kick it off. I had a half day on Monday (hence my absence) and got a little more caught up on some wedding planning and things around the house. It was a perfect Fall weekend and I hope the rest are very similar! Here are some pics of the weekend. Happy Tuesday loves!!

Beignet fries from our catering appointment on Friday. They were AMAZING and definitely put them as a front runner in my book!

Plus they sent us home with all this delicious food to try out

I did some gourd shopping on Friday and found some really cute ones that will last me through Thanksgiving

Just thought y'all might be entertained that I watched Harry Potter while working out on Friday! I don't care who sees I love Halloween and all things ABC Family! I aint scurred!

While river sitting I did a lot of magazine/book reading. I found this in one and we have a magnolia in our yard so I am definitely going to try this out for the holidays!

Also this recipe is going to happen soon. Henry loves cornbread so I will let you know how it tastes.

New book in my rotation: The Sorceress by Michael Scott (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel). Its a teen series and I have been trying to finish it for awhile but could not find time. Its a cute easy read if your looking for a good series!

My view for the weekend

The cutest gift from my Aunt

And last more ABC family on Tim Burton day!

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