With Style and a Little Grace: Wedding Wednesday (I'm a little stressed )

Wedding Wednesday (I'm a little stressed )

I'm a little overwhelmed right now with my wedding planning! I know it is still 8 months away but there is a lot to get done ya'll and I tend to be on the OCD must do everything myself type A personality. Between work, wedding, and life I am trying to find a happy balance.  So with that being said here are some blurbs about how I feel this lovely Wednesday.

When my mom tries to help me... I might have been a little edgy (sorry mom)

When I think about the head count and the guest list....

How I feel about everything that has to be done....

How I feel about how often I change my mind on flowers, cakes, colors etc. 

So here's to wine.... and a venting phone session with my bestie!! 

She made me feel like this ...

Next Wednesday I swear I will have an update!
Until then I hope you found this slightly amusing

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