With Style and a Little Grace: TV Tuesday

TV Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Ladies! I will be doing my weekend recap this week, but right now we must move on to more pressing topics like say the final season of my favorite show ever Gossip Girl!!! I read all the books (which are very very different than the show, but if you have not read them you should, fun easy read here )
The show is so entertaining; fashion, drama, Georgina Sparks... need I say more? Here are my favorite highlights:

  • Georgina is hilarious and by far my favorite character... her, Dan, and the minivan perfection
  • I heart Blair and Chuck why can't they just really be together already (recipe for disaster)
  • I HATE Serena... she was such a B**** last season and now she manages to turn it around on everyone else and say she just wants to start over..... ummm are we forgetting she slept with Dan????? And turned all that info into gossip girl???? And she SUCKS! 
  • Is everyone aware Serenas new bf was on 7th Heaven?
  • Dan's hair is worse than ever
  • I hate Ivy and the whole Rufus Ivy thing.... ewww! 
  • What is Bart Bass hiding
  • Did anyone else enjoy the references to Country Strong hehe?

Gossip Girl Monday 9/8 Central CW

90210 8/7 Central CW

I quit watching this one last season but its in my DVR and I might give it a shot!

Premieres this week:
Arrow (NEW) - Wednesday CW
Nashville (NEW)  - Wednesday ABC
Vampire Diaries -Thursday CW ( Yayy!!!)
Beauty and the Beast ( NEW) Thursday CW

I know I haven't gotten to cover all my shows but after all the premieres I will be able to narrow it down to my favorites! Let me know if you have any great shows I am not watching and should be!

Happy Tuesday

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