With Style and a Little Grace: TV Tuesday (Fall Premieres 2012)

TV Tuesday (Fall Premieres 2012)

Itsssss TV Tuesday ( when I hear that in my head its in a game show host's voice ... in case you were wondering)! I am enjoying this new Tuesday addition and I have got some oldies and hilarious newbies for ya'll today! I have not fully made it through my entire DVR yet, but here is what I have gotten so far!

The Mindy Project Fox Tuesdays 9/8 Central

All I can say is that this is a must record and that I relate to her on all disturbing levels! In the first episode I found myself giggling uncontrollably as she drunkenly rides her bicycle around town after her ex's wedding talking about ( Sandy Bullock). If you are not aware of my love for all romantic comedies and how I want life to be like them see exhibit a ! This is a def must see!! Record and thank me later!

Modern Family 
ABC Wednesdays 9/8 central
I think this is one of the funniest comedies on tv right now and if your not already watching it you should be. The premiere was just as hilarious as always, particularly Mitch and Cam as they had an inappropriate incident at the animal shelter ( seriously hilarious)! And if anyone knows how I can put videos on my posts please let me know in the comment section because I am having a hard time with it ( Please don't judge my lack of skills :)! 

Sunday Night line-up ABC 7-10

Once Upon a Time
I adore the aspect of fairy tale in this show and if the first episode was any indication of the season we are in for one wild ride! The characters are adorable and I love finding new Disney characters every episode with the twists and turns that follow. If you like a little mystery and romance this show is for you!


This was the best new show last season and I have to say that they have started this one out with a bang! Emily is back with a vengeance and I am very interested to see how all the love triangles turn out! And OMG  Victoria is alive and well ( Kinda saw that one coming)! But Nolan is hilarious as always and the fashion is the best! Must watch!!!

666 Park Avenue

This newcomer I am slightly on the fence about! It was kinda freaking me out because I was watching it alone and its a bit scary! I love the people that they have brought in for the show; Dave Annabelle (Brothers and Sisters), Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty), and Terry O'Quinn (Lost). So only time will tell on this one but I am very interested to see what happens!!

OH in trashy reality tv news did anyone watch RHONJ reunion?
There were some real gems in that episode;
-Christmas pageant dress referral
-Theresa saying that poor Melissa copied her glitter eye shadow from last year
I can't wait for the second half next week where Rosie comes out and goes cray cray! :)

Currently Waiting on my DVR:

The New Girl
Hart of Dixie (Tonight
More entertainment to come

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