With Style and a Little Grace: Thursday Hodge Podge

Thursday Hodge Podge

Thursdays are one of my favorite days with the weekend looming so closely and the prospect of a fun weekend right at your fingertips! This weekend I am really excited because I am carving pumpkins on Friday night and then heading out to the hunting camp on Saturday morning for a little fun in the woods.
Here are my random ramblings from the week:

I saw this picture of Mischa on DON this morning and it made me really sad because I remember when she was on The OC and I loved her..... Random I know 

I mean I loved her back in The OC hay day!

November 16..... November 16 !! I saw the preview last night and got so excited!!

They are adorable.. this is adorable! I think she looks gorgeous! I still don't know how I feel about the pink wedding dress trend??

I am 100% positive that I need to add these to my shoe collection soon. Since I have decided to make an effort and enjoy the hunting camp this year with Henry these things need to be added to my wardrobe so that I will be stylish whilst hunting!

This  adorable Madewell jacket will camouflage me just right ;)! 

this precious plaid scarf for the nights around the campfire telling ghost stories.

Super random I know 

Happy Thursday!

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