With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Update * Halloween Week

Weekend Update * Halloween Week

It's HALLOWEEN WEEK y'all! I had such a fun Fall weekend and I'm looking forward to spending the next three nights watching spooky flicks, eating soup ( it's downright chilly here), making pumpkin cream cheese bread, and maybe even having our first fire (wink wink Henry! 
We carved our pumpkins on Friday night then headed out to a friends hunting camp for some outdoor fun. There was gun shooting, football watching, and lots of sitting around the campfire. Sunday was a church day and home to relax and get ready for the busy week ahead! 
Weekend in pics ( more or less) : 

Precious Halloween card from one of my besties

Finally got a new pair of kicks. I went with the ones you can see not the pair behind them. You can see my sad New Balances by the mirror I was in desperate need.

These adorable doughnuts happened and I refrained from eating them but they were so cute! It's that time of year where all the good food starts to appear. 

There was an office party and this happened. I was really grossed out by it but people said the cake was actually really good. Pretty clever idea.

Got our pumpkin

Did some old school pumpkin carving and well...... see image below ( I'm no artist)

Happy Halloween week / Monday!

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