With Style and a Little Grace: A Woman's Scent

A Woman's Scent

A good perfume is important ladies! I think you can tell a lot about someone by what scents they choose. Picking a new scent is hard because I always go back to the ones I love. I like to alternate different scents from winter to summer. A deeper, stronger scent in the winter and a lighter floral smell in summer. I have actually run out of all my favorite perfumes and I am officially on the hunt for a new scent. What do you prefer?

My favorites of all time are:

Coco Chanel Its a classic and you can't go wrong with it

Michael Kors - Michael Kors

Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette My mom wears this one and I love love it.
Burberry - Brit Eau de Toilette

My all time favorite is Kate Spade classic pearls but they have discontinued this I think!

Gucci Guilty  My most recent purchase ( Smells amazing)

Gucci - Guilty

On my radar to try:

Michael Kors - Rose Gold

Balenciaga This smells amazing and the bottle is fab!

BALENCIAGA - Balenciaga Paris

Chloe - ChloƩ Gift Set

What scents are on your radar? Its almost Friday ladies!! Hope you have a great Thursday and thank you for reading! 

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