With Style and a Little Grace: Wedding Wednesday (Our Engagement Story)

Wedding Wednesday (Our Engagement Story)

I  hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Our weather has been gorgeous and crisp in Mobile all week and it has me throwing on booties and fall layers, only to shed them at the end of the day... but still its a start (we southerners will take what we can get). I am feeling nostalgic with fall and football season beginning so this Wednesday seems the best to clue y'all in on how Henry and I started on our journey to the altar. Since I am new to the blogging world I have to go back to the beginning. 

Our relationship began almost nine years ago when I was a freshman and he was a senior at Alabama. I met him at his fraternity house before a football game. I was there as one of my guy friends date and he was there with his then girlfriend, my guy friends cousin and my sorority sister (have I lost you already). Little did we know that over the next five years we would constantly be thrown into the same social situations and always be running into each other. Fast forward to my last year at Alabama, 2008, football season again, tailgating with Henry. We started dating that year and have been together ever since. I am thankful everyday for the way the God brought him into my life. 

Fast forward to April 21, 2012

Henry took me to the river to spend the weekend at his parents river house under the pretense that we were house sitting and watching their dogs, while they were away with their church. Friday night we cooked, enjoyed the deck, and just general relaxing. Saturday morning we got up relatively early and Henry suggested we take a boat ride over to The Pelican reef and get a little lunch and enjoy the water. I was very excited about this idea even though it was a little overcast, outside time on the water sounded good to me. We went over to the Pelican reef and enjoyed some seafood, had a beer, and started moseying our way home. Henry suggested I turn my phone off so we could spend some quality time together ( I obliged and thought this was so sweet not suspecting anything, I would make a terrible detective). 

About half-way home he asked me what was out in front of the boat blocking our way. I told him nothing he was crazy and went up to inspect. When I turned around to tell him I was right -  he was on one knee!!!!!! He asked me to marry him and I of course said YES!!!! At this point we are both sobbing and he tells me I have one more surprise. As we round the corner to the river house all of our friends and family are on the dock waiting for us to arrive! We had a huge crawfish boil and engagement party! It was the most perfect day I have ever had!

I am so lucky to have him and I can't wait to marry him on June 8th!

Happy Wednesday and thank you for reading! 

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