With Style and a Little Grace: Wedding Wednesday ( Currently Loving)

Wedding Wednesday ( Currently Loving)

We have some serious planning coming up for our wedding beginning October 1st! We have taken a little mini-break to look at all the details but we are going to start booking again in October. The caterer, photographer, engagement pics in November ( EEEKK), flower arrangements, invitations.... etc. The big guns are getting pulled out! 

I have been toying with the idea of having Charlie ( our yellow lab) be involved in the wedding. He is a member of our family, after all! He is going to be in our engagement pictures but he can be a little rambunctious so I am not sure how well he would do on the actual wedding day (especially with someone other than me and Henry). If you know of any fun ways to involve him, please let me know! These precious pictures make me want to do it even more! 

So Sweet!!

Adoring this sweet kiss photo-op:

Thought this was a cute idea for the groomsmen before the wedding: 

This precious gift for the mother of the Bride:

Currently ordering these via Etsy to eat our cake!

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