With Style and a Little Grace: TV Tuesday (TV Fall Lineup 2012)

TV Tuesday (TV Fall Lineup 2012)

Hi Ladies,
We have had more internet malfunctions at the Johnston-Beard residence the past couple of days to explain my little bit of an absence. We are currently in the process of receiving a new television that involves some new fancy schmancy internet connected with it ( not really sure... I leave all that to Hank)! Getting back to the weekly grind after a nice relaxing weekend!! I don't know about ya'll but I can't wait for the new fall line-up every year and this one is no exception. I have decided to add TV Tuesday to this little blog lineup. I will let you in on the new shows that I am tuning into and some oldies that are returning.

This week the CBS lineup started it off with several of my favorites:

How I met your Mother - Monday 6/7 central CBS

This is the last season for this hilarious show. I mean Barney.. come on you can't beat it!  It will finally be revealed to us who Teds future wife is. Hank and I still think that it could be Robin? I am not sure!! I adore this show, its hilarious and always keeps you guessing. I am very interested to see how they tie up everything in the end! A definite must watch!

Partners 6:30/7:30 Central CBS

This is the newcomer on the block for the Monday CBS line-up. Partners features best-friends since childhood (one gay and one straight). If the first episode is any indicator.. then this show is hilarious! Very quick witted, fast paced, and of course I love me some Sophia Bush!!

2 Broke Girls 7/8 Central CBS Monday

Kat Dennings makes this show!! It can be so inappropriate and funny at the same time!The cast of characters together is so funny. You should definitely tune in.

More premieres on my to-do list this week
Big Bang Theory
Elementary (NEW)
New Girl
The Mindy Project (NEW)
Modern Family
The Neighbors (NEW)
Once Upon a Time
666 Park Ave (NEW)

So as you can tell my DVR is going to be packed! It will probably dwindle down in the weeks to come but I like to start it off with high hopes.

In other news,
Henrys birthday is this weekend so we will be heading to t-town to celebrate at the Bama vs.Ole Miss game. So excited and I am on the hunt for the perfect game-day outfit (coming Thursday).

Happy Tuesday and thank you for reading! 

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