With Style and a Little Grace: What I've been up to lately!

What I've been up to lately!

Hi everybody,
I'm baaaaack!!! I am so relieved to be home and back to my boys (Henry and Charlie), plus getting back into the weekly groove! These past two weeks have been information overload, throw a wedding into the mix and some family time and I am pooped!! I thought I would start back with a few snippets of what I have been up to lately! I hope I haven't lost anybody since I have been gone so long ( Don't really think I have many readers yet, Thanks if you are reading ;) ) but I am back and have no trips in the near future!
Spent some time at the river with this handsome guy before my flight left on
Saturday for Cleveland

Spent lots of quality time at the airport. I did get quite a lot
of reading done and two books checked off my summer reading list. 

My Dean bestie's mom got married the next weekend so I headed up to Birmingham on
Saturday. My mom sang at the wedding, here she is warming up! 

Got to see all my ladies that I adore and spent the night having too
much fun! 
Got this dress and necklace on Saturday at H & M! They have such adorable stuff right now! 

Me and my mama! 
We stayed out way later than I am used to
and I was hurting when I had to head back up to North Alabama for more
job training on Monday! 

This was my view yesterday on my way back into Mobile!
Had so much fun but after two weeks I was ready to be home and spend some quality
time with my boys!! 
Hope y'all are having a great week!! 

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