With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Update

Weekend Update

My Birthday weekend was fun and laid back - sad to see Monday again. Henry and I have postponed my actual Birthday dinner until our lives slow down a little bit, but we did get to see the matinee of The Dark Knight Rises (so good), have some tasty pizza, and eat my homemade buttercream cake. It was a wonderful weekend, here are the pics to sum it up!
Found two of my new favorite things at the store on friday. Butter Toffee Coffee is amazing!

I am a sucker for Fall marketing even if it is still August! These are yummy.

Made my chocolate buttercream cake from this recipe.

It was so good and bad because I will be eating it all week! Definitely a recipe I will make
again. Try it out!

Henry and Charlie sang Happy Bday to me!

Did a little candle blowing out!

Charlie was mesmerized by the candles and the cake! Great night with my guys!

New favorite nail color Essie "Smokin hot" Perfect gray color!

Found this pumpkin spice candle at walmart for 5 dollars and it smells just like a yankee

Beyond excited about my new blender that my future in-laws got me! I have had it on my list for a while. Can't wait to blend something (tis is when you know your growing up..... giddy excitement about a blender).

My first gift with my new monogram! My dad gave me this necklace and I love it! The chain is the perfect length and I can pair it with almost everything! I love my new initials is it bad to go ahead and start wearing it??

I hope you have a great Monday and thank you for reading!

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