With Style and a Little Grace: Friday Five

Friday Five

Hi Ladies, Hope you have had a great week! I have been running around today trying to check everything off my to-do list before I go out of town. I will be in Cleveland for a work conference until Wednesday but I should be able to post normally! It has been a crazy hectic week and it is not slowing down soon. I am off to a fish fry at my future in-laws house then home to pack for my flight tomorrow.
Thank you for stopping by!

Here are five things currently making me happy this week

Fun surprise from my best friend


New Fave Mug

New favorite stamps 

Making casseroles for Hank because I apparently worry about his
food intake while I am out of town. 

I have shamefully been eating raw cookie dough out of the fridge (Must stop)

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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