With Style and a Little Grace: You wanna be in love in a movie-Sleepless in Seattle

You wanna be in love in a movie-Sleepless in Seattle

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I decided to give you ladies a little confession this Thursday..... I'm a romance junkie.  I started to think about this fact as I was watching my recording of You've Got Mail for the sixth time last week and I definitely watched The Notebook both nights on ABC family (This is a judge free zone). I love them, always have. My girlfriends know that I am a hopeless romantic because I used to make them watch every cheesy chick flick that was out (They must really love me because I know there were a few rough ones in there). I don't know if it is the wedding planning excitement or what, but I have gotten drawn back into watching all my favorites recently.  Everything is just so lovely and perfect in the movies and like I said the truth of the matter is I am a hopeless romantic. So I thought I would share with you a few of my favorites.

An Affair to Remember - Classic

Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.....we've already missed the
spring- An Affair to Remember

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Beautiful clothes+Audrey Hepburn+ Romance= Perfection

Sleepless in Seattle -Tom Hanks + Meg Ryan.. need I say more  ( I do hate the cover of this movie though) 

You've Got Mail- I love them together! 

The Notebook - Come on? You can't beat it. 

So adorable. I wish they would get back together in real life. I know I'm sad right? Anyways I hope I have not bored y'all completely out of your mind this lovely thursday. I am off to atlanta dress shopping with my ladies!!!! Can't wait! Happy Thursday!

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