With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Photo Montage

Weekend Photo Montage

Happy Monday Lady Loves! Henry and I enjoyed a little quality time this weekend since I am going to be gone the next two weeks off and on for work. We had a lot of fun and have no pictures to show for it except for a modeling photo montage of Charlie. 

Friday night we grilled out with some friends and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. All in all I thought they were great and I really liked the way the story showed all the different eras. I also ate a lot of chocolate pie and maybe a brownie. Saturday we relaxed had breakfast for lunch and enjoyed general lounging. Sunday was spent at the river soaking up the sun, playing with the monster, and enjoying my book. I would say it was a successful weekend. 

 Charlie Time

I enjoy lounging 
What big teeth you have.
Staring deeply into your eyes
I'm a lover not a fighter
Stop taking my picture

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