With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Happenings

Weekend Happenings

This past weekend was extremely mellow. Our schedule coming up is crazy hectic so these last weekends in July I am relaxing.  Obviously since I did a whole lot of nothing it is not going to be that entertaining but here is a little run down of what we did. Oh and I might have watched the teen choice awards.
We ate a lot of these....
Got caught up on my favorite show..... I love this show!! 

Caught up on some light reading.. the minute I order things they send me a new style guide and get me every time! 

Spent some great quality time with these two guys! Just so sweet!

His new hiding spot when he does something wrong.. (kind of hilarious if he wasn't in trouble)

And I totally watched bits and pieces of the teen choice awards and thought the best dressed was Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries.

I also watched True Blood which I love but it is getting super weird (like weirder than the usual)
So thats the randomness that my weekend consisted of and I hope you enjoyed.
Happy Monday!

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