With Style and a Little Grace: Weekend Happenings

Weekend Happenings

Hank and I spent the weekend relaxing and I got some things done around the house. It was one of those weekends where you get to catch up on the things that you never have time for like finishing my book, cleaning, ironing, working on our guest list, and general lounging ( I am not a very good lounger I need to be doing something, but Henry on the other hand is the best lounger I know, I am taking pointers ). 

Saturday we went to the flea market.

I am mildly obsessed with the book section

I found this gem among the shelves

$3 flea market find. You really can't beat that

I debated buying these iron sheets but did not know where I wanted to hang them so decided to wait.

Might have to go back and purchase.

I could not leave without getting some of these

Summer tomatoes = most delicious thing ever. 

I found this saying that I really love.

And I finished my book Same Sweet Girls (so good I highly recommend you read it.. tearjerker). Next in my pile of books I am trying to finish this summer is this one 

The second book in the series. I loved the first one so
I am sure that I will enjoy this one. 
I told myself that I could not buy a new book until I finish the 10 unread books I have on my nightstand. I am trying as I might to get through everything so I can finally buy the book of the summer..

I am soooo tempted to just break down and buy it... I hate being
the last to read something. 

All in all it was a fun little weekend, I made some chicken alfredo on Saturday night and on sunday we had a pancake lunch (Sorry no pics I am working on taking more). I have a short week because on Thursday I leave for Atlanta to go dress shopping! I am so excited to have a fun girl weekend! I feel like this... 



Hopefully this week will fly by! 

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week

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