With Style and a Little Grace: T.G.I.F


Thank God its Friday ladies! I am so ready for a weekend of rest and relaxation after a crazy few weeks  and weekends.
 I feel like Summer is slipping through my fingertips and I am trying to grasp at it as August draws near. I adore Summer, but towards the end it gets hot as hades here in the South and I find myself wishing it away for Fall and the fun fashions that come with the season. It is almost the end of July and all the back to school fashions will soon be blaring Fall from all the shop windows and store fronts  - so today I thought I would leave you with some fun summery pictures currently making me happy.

Henry is always telling me to slow down and enjoy the moment because I am always wishing it away - on to the next fun thing that we have planned "slow down and smell the roses" if you will. I am trying my hardest to embrace that, especially in a year as special as this one which I am sure will fly by and I will look back wishing I would have slowed down. So off my little soap box there.

Have a wonderful weekend!

All photos via Pinterest 
This last one is a little gratuitous but I have been on such a Hills re-runs kick and this cracks me up everytime I see it ;)! 

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