With Style and a Little Grace: RANDOMNESS


Lets start with this
This was bound to happen. Oh KSTEW you are so confused. I mean Rob versus this married director really Kristen really.  
Will be interesting to see how this plays out during the press for the last Twilight movie coming up. 

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This is a train wreck and so obviously I find it beyond entertaining. Having the fans there was a terrible idea and they need to go. Plus its summer and my shows are dwindling. 
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Loving my new nail color Cute as a button by Essie

Got the most adorable "will you be my bridesmaid?" package from my bestie Mary. It is so adorable!  The card was precious and incorporated the hydrangea, mint julep cup, and the bourbon perfectly for her May wedding. I can't wait!

 The heat index has been 105 all week in Mobile and the humidity is out of control. It is hard to even be outside. Ready for the weekend. Doing some grilling out and relaxing. Happy Thursday Loves. 

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