With Style and a Little Grace: July 2012

Lush Green Gardens

It is 105 degrees in town and the heat is radiating off the sidewalks. I am currently wishing I was occupying any of these gorgeous places and spaces with a cold drink in my hand.

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Weekend Photo Montage

Happy Monday Lady Loves! Henry and I enjoyed a little quality time this weekend since I am going to be gone the next two weeks off and on for work. We had a lot of fun and have no pictures to show for it except for a modeling photo montage of Charlie. 

Friday night we grilled out with some friends and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. All in all I thought they were great and I really liked the way the story showed all the different eras. I also ate a lot of chocolate pie and maybe a brownie. Saturday we relaxed had breakfast for lunch and enjoyed general lounging. Sunday was spent at the river soaking up the sun, playing with the monster, and enjoying my book. I would say it was a successful weekend. 

 Charlie Time

I enjoy lounging 
What big teeth you have.
Staring deeply into your eyes
I'm a lover not a fighter
Stop taking my picture

Friday Five

Its the Olympics guys! I am sooo excited about the opening ceremony tonight! The Olympics really seem to bring everyone together. My top sports are gymnastics and swimming. I have always dreamed of being an Olympic gymnast, sadly I never got past my fear of back handsprings and every other thing in the gym. Hope y'all enjoy the games!


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This Friday I thought I would admit to you some things that you might not know about me.

5 things to be exact. 

1.)  I am an avid reader and my favorite place to go sit is Barnes and Noble. I wish I had more time to read. I wish I could find a job where all I did was read books all day. I will read everything from Pride and Prejudice to The Pretty Little Liars series ( I love a good teen novel) When I was young I would get into trouble for reading my book in my desk during math (needless to say I am terrible at math). 
2.) I am highly OCD. Not like sort out jelly bean colors OCD just super neat freak OCD.  I will go behind you and pick up. Don't set your drink down around me if your not finished because it will be in the dishwasher, don't leave paper it will definitely be in the trash. My dad is like this too and It drives Hank crazy. I will remake the bed if he doesn't do it right. It is annoying I know and I am trying to work on it. In my defense it has gotten better over the years.

3.) I am not really a cool concert person. It has taken me a long time to admit this one. During my high school and college years I tried to endure the cool String Cheese Incident and Phish style concert. The whole dance around and jam to music is just not my personality. Bonnaroo, peeing in a bag is just not my cup of tea. Give me some bubble gum pop Justin Beiber any day. Don't get me wrong, I can handle some James Taylor where I just sit, bob my head and have cocktails... that's right up my alley. 

4.) I am a karaokeaholic. If there is a mike, a stage, and an alcoholic beverage in my vicinity I am there.  I have a favorite song "Fancy by Reba Mcintire" I think it is like the number 1 karaoke song. I sang it so much in college it got a little ridiculous and embarrassing. I do not have a good voice, but what I lack in vocals I make up for with my amazing dance moves.....and stage presence. Ha!

5.) I graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in English and am not doing anything in my field. This isn't really that shocking. I find it more shocking when people actually do end up in their field. 

Have a wonderful weekend


Lets start with this
This was bound to happen. Oh KSTEW you are so confused. I mean Rob versus this married director really Kristen really.  
Will be interesting to see how this plays out during the press for the last Twilight movie coming up. 

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This is a train wreck and so obviously I find it beyond entertaining. Having the fans there was a terrible idea and they need to go. Plus its summer and my shows are dwindling. 
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Loving my new nail color Cute as a button by Essie

Got the most adorable "will you be my bridesmaid?" package from my bestie Mary. It is so adorable!  The card was precious and incorporated the hydrangea, mint julep cup, and the bourbon perfectly for her May wedding. I can't wait!

 The heat index has been 105 all week in Mobile and the humidity is out of control. It is hard to even be outside. Ready for the weekend. Doing some grilling out and relaxing. Happy Thursday Loves. 

Wedding Wednesday (Hairspiration)

Sorry for the late post... we are having technical difficulties at our house on the internet and you can only use it on one gadget at a time and apparently Henrys Nintendo wins every time... should be back to normal in a day or two. On to Wedding Wednesday. 
I used to believe that I absolutely wanted my hair back for our wedding, but recently I have been leaning towards down - either way I am growing my mane out until our wedding and hoping that I can get it really long and healthy by the big day. Here are some pictures of hair ideas I have in mind. 

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Thank y'all for reading!

Perfect Party Dress

I have been on the hunt for the perfect party dress for an upcoming wedding. I would like for it to be structured, girly, and classic.
Here is the inspiration

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Here are some dresses that are on my radar

All dresses via ASOS.com 
Happy Tuesday!

Weekend Happenings

This past weekend was extremely mellow. Our schedule coming up is crazy hectic so these last weekends in July I am relaxing.  Obviously since I did a whole lot of nothing it is not going to be that entertaining but here is a little run down of what we did. Oh and I might have watched the teen choice awards.
We ate a lot of these....
Got caught up on my favorite show..... I love this show!! 

Caught up on some light reading.. the minute I order things they send me a new style guide and get me every time! 

Spent some great quality time with these two guys! Just so sweet!

His new hiding spot when he does something wrong.. (kind of hilarious if he wasn't in trouble)

And I totally watched bits and pieces of the teen choice awards and thought the best dressed was Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries.

I also watched True Blood which I love but it is getting super weird (like weirder than the usual)
So thats the randomness that my weekend consisted of and I hope you enjoyed.
Happy Monday!


Thank God its Friday ladies! I am so ready for a weekend of rest and relaxation after a crazy few weeks  and weekends.
 I feel like Summer is slipping through my fingertips and I am trying to grasp at it as August draws near. I adore Summer, but towards the end it gets hot as hades here in the South and I find myself wishing it away for Fall and the fun fashions that come with the season. It is almost the end of July and all the back to school fashions will soon be blaring Fall from all the shop windows and store fronts  - so today I thought I would leave you with some fun summery pictures currently making me happy.

Henry is always telling me to slow down and enjoy the moment because I am always wishing it away - on to the next fun thing that we have planned "slow down and smell the roses" if you will. I am trying my hardest to embrace that, especially in a year as special as this one which I am sure will fly by and I will look back wishing I would have slowed down. So off my little soap box there.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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This last one is a little gratuitous but I have been on such a Hills re-runs kick and this cracks me up everytime I see it ;)! 

Currently Lusting after

There are several items on my radar and today I thought I would share with you the things that I am currently hoping a magical fairy will make appear in my closet. First of all I went on a shopping bender with the J.Crew  sale yesterday and these items are on their way to my doorstep.

You can never have too many white shorts

Perfection for a casual work-day

Stripes are perfection

More stripes and I like the swing 

Now  to the things on my wish list.

Michael Kors Watch

Monogram Jewelry Round

Topshop Bow Back Top

This adorable Zara Dress 

This Zara sweater

I want everything on this list - my back account has told me to stop spending right now and start saving for the wedding/honeymoon that we have ahead.

 I also want to make these adorable cupcakes for shark week from cupcakes and cashmere. She always has the most adorable ideas and recipes. 

I have also decided that I want my hair long before our wedding and I am currently craving this girls hair

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Happy Thursday
Its almost the weekend!