With Style and a Little Grace: Thirsty Thursday, an OOTD and some cobbler

Thirsty Thursday, an OOTD and some cobbler

Yesterday I went to Jimmy Lowes the local fruit stand in Mobile and went a little crazy on the summer veggies. I don't know about y'all, but I love Summer fruits and veggies! I left with all the makings of our Summer Solstice dinner... fresh corn on the cob, baked potatoes, BBQ chicken, fresh tomatoes (I may or may not have eaten two whole tomatoes before dinner, they were delicious).
 After dinner I made my first peach cobbler with this recipe. It is super easy and delicious! I highly recommend it.

The peeling process does take a little while.

Had a little spill-over in the oven

Finished product.. only lasted a few min Hank really enjoyed it! 

I wanted to make these cocktails, but I was missing some ingredients so I stuck with my wine! I have made them before and they are very refreshing! You can't go wrong with anything out of Southern Living in my opinion.

A little montage of happenings

My Wednesday outfit (We are in process of getting new carpet and painting so please disregard) (F21 Chambray shirt tied at waist, dress Anthropologie, shoes local boutique), abundance of local peaches at the market, and my new JCREW shorts finally arrived obsessed!) 

I really need this blush in my life. I love the bright pink color for summer.


And I am trying to find somewhere locally that has these great Emi-Jay hair ties, but I think I am just going to have to order them online. For some reason my hair ties have stopped holding my hair up. I don't know if my hair is getting thinner or what but I would love to try these out!


Hope yall are having a great Thursday! Have a cocktail tonight to beat this heat and as always thank you for reading!

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