With Style and a Little Grace: T.G.I.F.


I haven't been this happy to see Friday in a long time! Leaving bright and early for our trip tomorrow and there is still a ton to accomplish, which is always how it happens! We did manage to get the lodged DVD out of my Mac (had been there for a month), after about 12 calls to apple from Henry and I combined! Sorry Michael and Brian and whomever else we harassed. I think one guy actually sent our call to radioshack.

But whats a girl to do? Henry can't sleep without some Entourage dvds on a trip and I definitely need my sleep.

Little random side note.... I watched the RHOC last night and I totally agreed with Heather and the girls on the issue of Sara eating the bow on her cake. (how dare she its like a wedding after all) ..... that being said boozy Sara needs to get outta here and take Alexis with her! Oh and how come Gina always shows up on the last episode of every season and didn't her daughter get really pretty! Can't wait for the finale next week! I believe this and Beverly Hills are my faves in the franchise - NY is a bit dull.
This is the only picture I could get in the right format. At this point I believe shes thinking
"this ***** is going to forget to put the black stand under my cake and drunk sara is going to
eat the bow" HOW DARE SHE" Sorry I wanted the confrontation pic but I am still a bit
challenged on the computer. 

I started doing my research on Wedding bands and photographers today. I am going to start doing a Wedding Wednesday when I get back so I can lay out all of our wedding plans for y'all. I am a little OCD so I like to do a lot of research..... like a lot.  So maybe I can get some structure to my posts because right now they are kind of all over the place and super random.

So we are off for the week to Bald Head and I will resume my blogging on thursday for anyone following along (which I believe is no one). Lots of fun pics from Bald Head and I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and week! Some pretty pics to leave y'all with below. I'm off to eat lots of naughty food at my going away party with the office!

Bald Head Island 

So Sheek 

The cake and venue from this wedding on style me pretty
Thank you for reading! 

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